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Hire Inventory


My hire inventory consists of three core product groups; Playback packages, Recording packages and VST Instruments, all of which are based around high end Novatech laptop computers with a minimum spec of:



Regardless of whether you're looking to do a fly-pack recording, or some editing, or a complex show playback job these machines with the software packages I have in house will do the job. The VST instrument package provides excellent support and flexibility for theatrical / orchestral pits where space is limited but the keyboard player needs access to a number of very high quality instrument samples. It is also available for studio programming / editing either at my studio or yours.



Each Machine is supplied with appropriate, fully licensed software for it's intended purpose including:




I have five options available for audio interfaces:



I have a Midi Keyboard package available which comprises:



Hire Prices


All equipment hires are POA, to reflect the individual attention I prefer to give each project and producer budget. Please don't hesitate to get in touch regarding any of the packages listed above.



Prices are subject to VAT @ 20% and equipment availablitiy.




It is the responsibility of the end user to insure the equipment against theft and accidental damage while it is out on hire. This includes while the equipment is in transit. Each system is supplied with a Kensington Microsaver Laptop Lock for security.


All equipment rentals are subject to the PWSL terms and conditions of hire (available on request).